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Copy: Aquasana

Developed and strategized a brand tone and voice, lead the charge on new organic social media initiatives and SEO-first content marketing.



Live Healthy


Aquasana, a subsidiary of A. O. Smith, is an Austin-based manufacturer of water filtration products. I joined their in-house team at the end of 2018 with clear first project goals: reshape and reconfigure the brands tone and voice, as well as their content and organic social strategy.




Aquasana, in business since 1998, is a manufacturer of whole house, drinking, and shower filtration systems for residential use. They also manufacture a line of water bottles.


The brand required a wholesale voice and tone restructure, as well as a content marketing shift towards SEO-friendly keywords that generated revenue, regardless of web traffic sessions.



Content Marketing Roadmap, Mapped

Aquasana had already had a fully-packed blog and content strategy for the website. However, it wasn’t integrated with the promo roadmap or the paid/organic social media roadmap, and needed to be tailored to prioritize evergreen, seasonless content that prioritized revenue over website sessions.


Boosted Revenue, Year over Year

With a new SEO-focused content marketing strategy in place, sessions increased by 23.6% YoY, organic social revenue increased by 135% YoY, and organic search by 1.3% YoY.


Instagram Content for a New Audience

Aquasana already had a well-established Facebook following, as well as a LinkedIn and Twitter presence. However, their Instagram and Pinterest left something to be desired. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to tap into the audience with the data already there.

Much of Aquasana’s overall audience is 60:40 women to men, in 35-44 age range, and makes ~100k household income. Their Instagram audience looked similar: 80% women, 20% men; 25 – 34 age range.



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